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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Platinum Day Of Love: Everyday till eternity!

26th of April 2012
This is the day I met you. I keep thinking about the wonderful months we have spent together. But I still cannot find one more beautiful than this one.

I was at my friend’s place, for her mehendi ceremony. I was looking around for you since morning. I was curious to see the man who everyone was talking about with so much zeal. But more importantly, I wanted to once meet the guy who made me blush without even talking to me directly. Unknowingly  - the guy who I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with- Now I understand the restlessness. It was just three days ago that we had had an encounter on a social networking site over a picture, debating. I distinctly remember every word of that conversation- without having to revisit it even once. I remember how I gallantly stalked your profile and saw a picture of you, blushed the moment it went on full screen and shut down the computer, wondering what dawned over me to stalk someone I don’t even know. That is not me. Then again, I changed completely ever since I met you - and that change had begun that very instant.
Just when my impatience was reaching its peak, you entered- more like brought life into the room- suddenly all the hustle and bustle of a wedding home was background music to me, and all that seemed to exist from that very instant was you. I noticed your voice- still crazy about it. Noticed how you had an eyebrow piercing - and noticed how I was developing an interest in you. I remember thinking each and every second of that day, ‘this is so not me’, and trying to let go. But it had to happen.
I remember being teased earlier that day- about being yours. Little did I know that I really was.
You struck up a conversation, flirted, yet made me feel so comfortable. Somehow everything happened at a perfect time- we flirted, worked together, even shared plates! You talked about wedding rings- made a joke about having our names engraved on each other’s platinum bands. It was a joke- yet it did not seem weird or funny. It felt so right, as it has always meant to be. That one day (and each day since) gave me the happiness of a thousand days together.
Something- not God, not me, not you- something in this universe knew we were supposed to be- and whatever IT was, it knew what was to come- even though we didn’t. The day you proposed, just a couple of days later- did not seem too soon. Hearing the words ‘I love you’ from you did not seem too soon, I believed you- because IT knew there is no denying what is to happen. You making a trip across the country to meet me in just ten days did not seem wrong- because IT knew. And when I saw you before my eyes, “I” knew that this is where I want to be, and need to be for the rest of my life.
IT knew before we did- but when we did, we made sure we made it work, without the constraints of a long distance relationship, fights, and the endless number of reasons the world could give us to not be together. It was hard- but today I feel it was all worth it.
On this day, the 26th of April, exchanging platinum bands with our names engraved on them, just like you had mentioned exactly a year ago - I feel that whatever bad times we have been through, and whatever bad times that are yet to come- I know we will do great at life and I know we will be in it together- and that is all that matters to me.
Forever yours.
This Post is Written By Nivedita Wadhwa on Platinum Day of Love
Nivedita is a Final year MBBS student at Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai. Fortunately Nivedita Happens to be my girlfriend, and she wrote this piece for our 6 months anniversary. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Audi Cars: An Overview Of The Automobile Giant

Audi has been among the leading car manufacturers in the world since 1921. The performance and excellent engineering have made it popular since nearly a century. Audi cars are leading among the continents and provides competition with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The luxurious interior and splendid exteriors have been a sporting feature among the consumers. The Audi have released car types of sedan, convertible, station wagon, coupé, compact, hatchback and SUV.
In portfolio of the company some popular leading cars are -
Audi A4
The Audi A4 has been the most successful release under the German automobile manufacturer. It was named as the Audi A4, though today it is well-known as the Audi 80. It was the first in the series to get totally galvanized body and warranty of 10 years against rusting of metal. It was released in 1996 and got a quick and huge success. It is available in sedan, convertible and wagon car but only as sedan in India. The car is driven by a supercharged engine alongside its 7-speed gearbox. The car has really nice interiors and exteriors. The car can run on top speed of 223km/h to 252km/h varying of the engine. The price is offered at INR 2.9 million.
Audi Q5
Audi Q5 is a luxurious and turbocharged vehicle released in 2009 in the international market. The car is suitable for long drives. The appearance if Q5 can be referenced as grander Q7. Audi Q5 is an urbane compact SUV, featured with modern specifications. The superior features are merged with its Xenon plus headlamps, Surround Audio system, rear seat entertaining display, parking assist and muck more. Audi Q5 is available for 3.83 million INR and 4.42 million for diesel version in India.
Audi TT
Audi TT is a sportiest model in the portfolio of Audi. Although it is well-known as a sports car or a roadster, this just a coupe car with powered in front-wheels. The name of Audi TT came from Tourist Trophy motorsport organized in UK. The aerodynamics of the car are designed to boost performance. A torque at 320Nm and 250 bhp of power is generated by its 3.2litres V6 engine. The amazing sport car gets a bump on the violent engine with exhaust sound. Audi has claimed that the car can throttle 100km/h in 5.6 seconds with an automatic limit of 250km/h on top speed. The Audi TT ranked among the superb sport-cum-luxury cars in the world. In India, Audi TT is available at 5.5 million INR and onwards.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is Clickjacking?

A short name to user-interface redressing and IFRAME overlay is, Clickjacking. Normally, we all click on clickable links in a content, sometimes we are directed to an Answers website, sometimes to a related product selling website, something that is normal. But when you are directed towards an absurd website, you know something is wrong. Clickjackers are basically up and high, to make you click on links and on closure buttons to exit from the window, in turn accepting the conformation to down load malicious malware on to your system. These generally trigger a Trojan horse to download, leading to turning on the webcam of the computer, the built-in microphone, or to transfer money through saved caches and internet footprints. 

It is definitely something to be wary about, as you wouldn’t know, that when and how you downloaded it. You would think you clicked on a legitimate button, but you in turn turned the button ON for them. Mainly, through email messages and links online, and through hacking social networking site profiles, these Clickjackers work to post these deviating links on your behalf. 

Even your legitimate site might trigger a Trojan horse to be downloaded as, there is no information that the site has been hacked or not.  The malware affects all kinds of popular browsers, such as Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. You normal click to watch a funny video online, suggested by a friend too, can deviate you to click on the malicious links. The Clickjackers always search for most visited websites and most visited links, they duplicate it, make a spoof website, guide you to it, and then make you click on links.
This is not only an issue of privacy, which is punishable, under the privacy act of 1974, but also something of a worldwide problem. No amount of screens and encryption can stop or make their working slow. In fact, they can, in some cases invade encrypted data kept in the system too. Beware of clicking on any links that may be too interesting to be true. The best safe guard from the Clickjacking experts is to see to the regular updates of security, that should be adhered essentially, and updates that should be installed without fail.

Monday, August 26, 2013

How to fix "0x80040600" error code in MS Outlook?

People generally encounter 0x80040600 problems when they try to receive or send emails. It should be taken into notice that no amount of rebooting your system is going to work. One point of consideration while fixing the error is that, the Outlook PST file should be corrupt. Because then, you have to fix the .pst file. Below are some ways through which you can fix problems that you are encountering by 0x80040600 errors. It should be remembered that if you ever have fixed a .pst file, then you have to repeat the process to check the problem. 

The first step will be to locate the .pst file. Follow the instructions that follow. Click on start menu, then go to control menu. If you see the control home, click user accounts and family safety. In any case, you do not find the option, stop there. Try clicking Mail, go to data files, and click personal folders and then settings. The second step will show you the location of the pst file, click “ok” and close the window. The third step will be to locate the Scanpst.exe file. This requires you to click the Start button, type in the text – Scanpst.exe into the search bar. As soon as you see the Inbox Repair tool, double click to launch it. Then after, enter the path of the file that we had copied from the task bar, into the “Enter the name of the file you want to scan”, named input box. Click on start, wait for the repair tool to do its work, as soon as it indicates finish, click “ok”. Go back to sending and receiving mails, because the problem by now would have been solved. 
 It should also be taken into consideration that, registry cleaners available online can also be used to fix the fix "0x80040600" error code problem in Microsoft.  It is to be kept in consideration that if the Inbox is heavier, you will always have some or the other kind of problem, when you are attempting to fix any problem on Microsoft Outlook. Also, it is advisable to have back up of your mails and important drafts that you might work on, offline on Outlook. 

Android Master key Malware Troubles China

Android is the biggest and the most popular OS in the present time. Something that has made people outgrow or consider it on top of Windows or iOS. It is reported that the most popular Android Master Key has been vulnerable recently by the presence of a malware. These reports surfaced in China, where a researcher of a renowned company reported the fact.

The malware researcher Is believed to have said that, this particular vulnerability makes it possible for an attacker to impregnate the application with malicious code. The codes are put in through the method of duplication of executable files, for instance classes.dex in a particular application package. The malicious file is designed to be hiding at the time of scanning. It re-surfaces as soon as scanning is done with and the run-time is initiated. The main motto of the malicious app is to copy all the sensitive information is a phone and pass it on to the victims contact list through SMS. Not only this, it sends the information to remote servers as well, which then make use of the content for various purposes. The company which saw it reported it in the month of July. The company is also reported to have come up with an app to help the victims of the malicious app. 

The new off-age security scanner checks straight forwardly, the device which runs on Android to have the vulnerability or not. It doesn't even require contacting the mobile carrier or else. Making it an easy and less traumatic thing for those already affected by the problem. Not only this, the application that has been developed also searches for any malware app in the device. The main vulnerable point is the Google play store, which is also said to house malicious apps, these days. The best thing that is being suggested by all the companies to all Android users is to update the handset with each and every security update that the OS suggest you do. The new apps are being checked and all the android equipment manufacturers are provided with a patch, which restricts duplicate files in APKs. Hopefully these steps will make the app store, Google Play Store, and Android more secure.